Directions for Use


  1. Clean and dry area surrounding wound thoroughly.
  2. Make sure area to be covered has appropriate dressing. Shower Shield should not be allowed to come in direct contact with the wound.
  3. Clip any excess hair at the site. Shaving is not recommended. Always follow your physician's advice.
  4. Open poly bag and select appropriate size for application. Choose a Shower Shield bandage that is large enough to adhere to SKIN ONLY (not to wound, device or primary dressing).
  5. Peel the wax paper frame from the water barrier, exposing the adhesive surface.
  6. Position water barrier over the site. Gently remove the wax paper frame, smoothing the dressing down as you pull the frame away, pressing edges down firmly to adhere to skin.
  7. Firmly smooth water barrier from the center toward the edges.
  8. Repeat pressure on all sides of adhesive as a final securing step.


  1. Gently grasp the edge and slowly peel the water barrier from the skin in the direction of hair growth or grasp one edge of the water barrier and gently pull it straight out to stretch and release adhesion, being careful not to disturb the primary dressing or device.
  2. Discard after use. Shower Shield water barriers are single use only.