Our Mission

Create an affordable product that decreases risk of infection and improves a patient’s quality of life.

Our Story/Our Leadership

Co-owners:  Geoff Wynn and Doug Rogers

Geoff, an United States Air Force veteran and former salesperson with a “can do” attitude, was approached to find a better solution to cover and protect surgical sites from the risk of waterborne infection.  He strategized with his friend, Doug Rogers, who happened to also be a RN.  Previously teammates in basketball and baseball, they found themselves teaming together once again.  Doug, who graduated with a business management degree prior to becoming an RN, recognized a definite need for a product like Shower Shield.  He witnessed, first hand, the difficulty nurses faced when trying to shower patients with open wound sites.  It was one of his least favorite tasks.  His staff cut up plastic garbage bags and taped them over surgical dressings, hoping this would keep the water away from the wound.  Later his hospital “advanced” to using plastic wrap and tape to cover these areas.  He had a long list of reasons why that method was ineffective, costly, and time consuming.  Consistency was next to impossible, and there was tremendous waste.  He knew there was a definite need for a product like Shower Shield.  The two put their heads together and produced Shower Shield water barriers.  There was a fine line between keeping the product secured to the skin without irritation.  Production began in 2003.  Not only were hospitals eager to explore this as a possible solution for inpatient treatment, but patients began contacting Shower Shield directly when they returned home for outpatient treatment.  Patients shared their stories and told how our water barriers allowed them to shower without the help of a caregiver, ultimately renewing a sense of independence and improving their quality of life.  Geoff and Doug soon realized that Shower Shield provided a small amount of normalcy to the daily routine for those patients who felt like their world had been turned upside down.  They were determined to keep the costs affordable for healthcare facilities and patients.  They have never taken a price increase since 2003!  Over the years, prestigious healthcare facilities have chosen to use Shower Shield.  They know we are committed to product excellence and superior customer service.

Our Team

Shower Shield is a small company with limited overhead expenses.  We work together as a team and pride ourselves on being approachable, responsive, and flexible to meet the individual needs of our customers. 

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